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The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) label is a certification scheme to ensure that the source of a wood or paper product can be traced back to responsible forest management. Certification proves that paper was not combined with non-certified paper on its way to the consumer along the entire supply chain. Products bearing the FSC label ensure that forests are exploited in compliance with all social, economic and ecological aspects.

However, alternatives made from recycling paper do not exist for all types of paper. In such cases it is appropriate to use paper from forests managed in an ecologically sound manner. The Forest Stewardship Council was set up as a not-for-profit organisation in 1993 as a result of the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. Its aim is to ensure that forests are managed in an environmentally friendly, socially beneficial and ecologically viable manner. There are currently 134.4 million hectares in 80 countries around the world certified in accordance with FSC’s criteria.

Companies can also carry the logo. The FSC printing and paper industry association certifies appropriate manufacturers and printers may only use the label on their products if they themselves have been certified. Customers who have FSC certification may use their logo for advertising purposes when they make use of the corresponding materials.

Sustainability in print and media production. Certification provides a 100% assurance that goods have been traded in accordance with the principles of the FSC and guarantees the origin of the raw materials. The message: “My products come from responsibly managed forests.”

Cooperation with responsible partners: irrespective of where production takes place, all commercial activities are in accordance with the strict criteria of the FSC or PEFC. This creates a bond that goes beyond a “mere print shop”.

ABC Pack Solutions has applied for certification and has been approved. Therefore we are able to print the FSC label on products and to pass the claim on FSC certified material for promotion or labeling.

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