PVC Pouches

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PVC Pouches
Available in transparent or coloured PVC
Ideal for use in the Cosmetics, Pharmacy and Shopping branches as promotional material
Minimum quantity: Available from 3.000 pcs
Options: Snap closure | Zipper closure | Zip-Lock closure
Prices on demand to your custom specifications

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PVC Pouches

  • Custom PVC Packaging
  • PVC Pouches are suitable for packing products like Cosmetics, Bedsheets, Bath linen, Towels, T-Shirts, Apparel, Shirtings and suitings Sets, Track pants, Boxer Shorts pack, Sleepwear, Loungewear, Nightwear , Leggings, Swimwear, Sports wear, Toys, Golf Balls, Golf Tees, Candles, Choclates etc...

    No matter your industry, PVC packaging adds value to your products and makes them attractive to your customers.

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